Creative Writing

From web writing and press releases, to radio and TV scripts, blogs, produced podcasts, produced commercials, and other creative content, we deliver the highest level creative from award-winning industry professionals. Let us work with you in the same collaborative spirit as we have with companies like, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, CBS Interactive, FOX Sports, Mobil Oil, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Screen Media Films, ION Television, and others.

Press Releases
From independent projects and product launches to industry trends, acquisitions, technology breakthroughs and more — sharing the latest news with the world is absolutely critical in a ultra-competitive business world. The message must be clear, compelling, and informative. We distill the most pertinent points and delivers them in a concise way that cuts through the clutter in an AP-style format.

Radio/TV Scripts
The dreaded “tune out” factor. Hitting mute on your remote or simply fast-forwarding through recorded commercials isn’t exactly what ad agencies and clients have in mind when putting big dollars into campaigns. When the message is entertaining while informing customers, that’s when the true value comes through loud and clear. We understand that you only get a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. Keeping it beyond those few seconds is vital. With our team of creative writers we make sure we connect. It all starts with the written word. The same can be said of radio. When the listener is looking to hear something specific but has to wait through a commercial break, they often tune out physically or mentally. We keep them listening.

Blogs/Creative Web Writing
When you stay in contact regularly, clients, followers, and industry pros stay with you. The question is, do you have the time to write a regular blog a couple of times a week, or even daily? Probably not. Let us help. With language that connects, we’ll update people on what’s going on with your company, services, and products. We can even do it in a welcome, lighthearted, and humorous way.

Social Media
Twitter. Snapchat. Instagram. Facebook. Social Media isn’t just a trend — it’s a way of life and even survival for countless companies and independent business people. For many, connecting in real time several times throughout the day is vital. But if you spend all day posting the “latest and greatest,” it doesn’t leave much time to actually do the “latest and greatest.” Let us connect for you multiple times daily across the digital social media spectrum, even if you only want to say hello, or what team you think might win the big game. After all, we’re all human — and social.

Produced Content
Television. Radio. Webcasts. Podcasts. Whether it’s a produced commercial or infomercial, a radio program or podcast, even a live webcast, let us give you the professional support you need to do it right. A well written, professional production resonates with people, no matter what you want to say. Our team will work within your budget delivering visually striking video and the highest quality audio programming. We’ll collaborate with you through the entire process, whether it’s a one time deliverable, or weekly content.