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Start Your Own Show for $250!

Businesses and Individuals in record numbers are starting their own online shows. The goal with everyone’s show is to increase marketing, branding, credibility, customer trust & ultimately sales. Companies with their own shows increase sales by a whopping %500! In addition online shows create opportunities in other areas including speaking engagements, panelist at industry events, networking spokesman and becoming a industry celebrity.

At our new studio Powerline Studios we are offering an introductory price for businesses and individuals who want to start their own show.  Our goal is to help you create more sales and bigger opportunities. We purely understand the importance of cost effective marketing and we know that anything to do with video is a winning ticket.

Start Your Own Show

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Powerline Studios

A new video/photography studio in Fort Lauderdale.

After working in many high end studios throughout the country, we decided to open our own studio and offer great services with outstanding prices.

Our goal is to make sure you get the best quality product at an excellent price!

Powerline Studios:

  • Studio Rental
  • Video Studio Rental
  • Photography Studio Rental
  • Television Commercials
  • Corporate Video
  • Online Shows
  • Web Series
  • Music Videos
  • Documentary
  • Castings
  • Events

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Mobile App

Smartphones, Tablets, e-Readers

Its time for your business to get a Mobile App. Just like in the days when businesses were running to get a website, now its time for you to run to get your Mobile App.

Why Mobile?

  • Website Visits Start On Mobile Devices
  • You App Icon on a Users Device
  • Apps as a Promotional Tool
  • Stand Out From the Competition
  • Push Notifications
  • Price Have Came Down

Get Your Mobile Act!

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